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foundations of ayurveda


Ayurveda is the traditional medicine of India

Ayurveda translates to "the knowledge of life", as it strives to strike the balance of mind, body, & spirit. 

Everybody has a space of "perfect" balance, where there is no pain & we are able to feel GOOD and HEALTHY inside of our bodies.

Ayurveda is a symptomatic medicine that looks at the body through the elements

Each person has a genetic constitution - Prakruti & what symptoms are currently present - Vikruti. Using the system as a whole and all symptoms that are present, one works towards harmony.

Harmony comes through the balance of the elements.

Ayurveda classifies the elements into 3 doshas


Pitta - Fire & Water

Kapha - Water & Earth

Vata - Air & Ether

There IS a place of perfect harmony within each of us. By understanding who we are & what is present within our mind, body, & spirit we can take the steps towards that beautiful harmony that is waiting for each of us.

Using the symptoms, I use various techniques to rebalance the body and all of its parts. Holding space for exploration of self, emotions, and the physical being.

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