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A Bit About Me

I was born & raised in the expansive wilderness of Alaska & from a young age learned the deep value of the connection between mind, body, spirit, & nature. 

I spent most of my adult life creating a home in Israel, where I found incredible community & open access to extraordinary ancient traditions, language, and life. Now my pups - Akko - and I have spent the last 2 years roaming, learning & creating. I am the founder & artist of BeLihiyot Mindful Jewelry Co., which aims to awaken our souls to the everyday beauty that lies at our feet. I have spent many years learning the art of meditation & yoga, with teachers ranging from Buddhist monks living in small communities in Cambodia, studios in Thailand, to enlightened beings in the Southwest. Now my journey has landed me in Northern California, delving into the world of Ayurveda. 

My journey has had many twists and turns but I am so grateful that it has landed me with strong hands, an open heart, and a deep honor for the healing journey and skills to assist beautiful souls on theirs. 

A deep gratitude for my teachers & mentors along my path

To Echo for opening the world of Heart Space & teaching me how to awaken to my own inner being & abundance

To my mother for being the greatest example of resilience & support

To DeAnna for her incredible deep knowledge and wisdom

To Bikkhu for walking the path of monk-hood and teaching loving-kindness, light-heartedness, & journey of meditation (monk in Myanmar)

To Samya for teaching me the ways of Qi Gong, yoga, and laughter at every moment (teacher in Jerusalem)

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