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my work

i am a student in ayurveda

 i deeply believe in the power of bodywork

understanding one's own body

 learning the skills & knowledge to take health in ones own hands

i am dedicated to the work of healing myself, the earth, & all who I am honored to take apart in their journey



Through my studies I have learned the importance of listening. Listening to the messages that come from my body. Understanding what the different sensations mean. How to move and change our bodies to release patterns, thoughts, and emotions. How to open ourselves up to our own balance and health - which is our birthright.

Our bodies speak our imbalances to us. There is so much power in knowing our own body language.

In my work, I strive to give you the ability to restore and learn how to have proper communication with your own body.

This may seem complicated, yet deep down we all hold the knowledge. Sometimes, that knowledge too is held tightly inside beyond our access.

Together let us uncover YOUR truth, bringing forth your natural light that emanates from your soul, always.

This is not just bodywork. It is the opening to understanding, connecting, and speaking your truth. It is returning to who you are in essence. It is the process of becoming whole


So let us investigate and understand, what parts belong to you and what parts are to be released and transformed.

It is incredible how much our bodies can transform. Even in such a short amount of time!

Our bodies speak to us through our symptoms. Whispering, shouting, and conversing through pain, fatigue, soreness, tightness, and illness.


deep tissue bodywork

so much of our emotional and spiritual experience is held in our physical body. as such, we so often live our lives with chronic soreness, stiffness, even pain, in and throughout our physical body. one way to work towards balance, ease, and harmony, is through deep care of the body’s deep tissues. during each session, i dig deep into muscle and tissue, to encourage healthy change in holding and tension patterns, working out toxins and stuck energy - creating space inside your home for harmony, balance, and health! sessions are tailored to meet your specific comfort level, but expect and be prepared for some safe intensity as needed, to help release, relax, and restore your body to space and flow.

internal organ reading

our internal organs are more than just a place of physical processing and action; our internal organs are also essential to our understanding and heathy processing of our emotional and spiritual health. each organ expresses different qualities that can give indication as to the balance and efficiency of their function, and therefore our ability to flow, and be in healthy harmony. as such, during a session i intentionally touch the abdomen to read the energetic qualities of each digestive organ. i work on bringing healthy balance through physical bodywork & then follow up with an array of remedies that are tailored to your specific needs and comfort level. these remedies can include herbal, spiritual, physical, and emotional actions that work together with you, to bring you to your natural place of intuitive, calm, healthy balance.

reproductive and uterus health

menstrual health is a huge indicator of overall, systemic health. in our culture and society, this integral place of balance and health is too often overlooked or ignored. it is with great care and intention that i enter every session, with a deep tenderness and supportive space for all bodies with a uterus. during the session, i carefully check the placement of the uterus, and make any adjustments needed to bring this life-giving
organ back home. this process of adjustment is not painful, and often brings a feeling of deep internal alignment and emotional clarity. throughout each session, i provide
remedies intended to help nurture, nourish, and restore healthy hormone balance. this balance in turn supports systemic and whole-being health.

lymphatic work

in order to feel truly healthy and balanced, it is essential that our lymphatic system, our, "river of life”, is properly flowing. each session begins with intention. i then work at gently stimulating the lymph system, and opening lymphatic drains. throughout the session, i work with you towards restoring proper flow, which improves energy, immunity, hormonal health, and supports the healthy removal of toxins.

tibetian cranial alignment

our facial and cranial bones are connected to patters and tension throughout our whole body. realigning the bones can be incredibly helpful for encouraging full-body alignment.
during a session, i assess the structural bones of the head, and make small
adjustments where needed, to relieve pain and address any holding patterns. through these small adjustments in the cranial region, it is possible to support systemic health,
and to bring the whole body back to a place of ease, balance, strength, and flow.

tongue & face assessment

using the traditional and historical maps of the tongue & face, i look at overall and specifc function and health of the person through these maps. Both are telling of imbalances that are occuring inside of our bodies, whether it is an imbalanced organ, bacterial growth, emotional issues, inflammation, or reproductive issues

body composition reading with foods & herbs to support everyday balance

throughout the session, i work with you on determining what elements are most present in your body, what tendencies you might have in life, and from there we discuss remedies to support the unique being that you are


Gua Sha


Hot Rocks

Hot Compresses

Rock Tapping

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